Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Attempted Ashy coloured hair

Yesterday I coloured my hair an ashy brown colour. I chose a light ash blonde colour as I wanted to achieve an ash brown result because I have natural black hair.
Above is the stuff I used: creme colour, 30 Vol - 9% peroxide, mixing bowl and brush and gloves.
I mixed my creme colour and peroxide in a 1:1 ratio.

Above: Before
Above: Results...in sunlight it seems to of resulted in an auburn colour as I can see a golden redness to it. 
Above: Taken without sunlight....looks light an medium brown to an ashy brown colour.

I think the colour is a bit golden and dark so I might re-attempt the same colour until I achieve the result I want...also I will put a toner through to wash out any golden tinge to achieve the ash effect I want. But I'm going to treat my hair first...don't want to overdo my hair and frizzle it.

Also...thank you Maki for the Lovely Blog Award ^^

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  1. The tools you use to dye your hair look so pro XD. All my mom has are the plastic gloves that come with the dye in the drugstore boxes.
    Very nice colour results!