Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bonjour Haul

It looks like I'm always hauling...trust me I hardly go physical shopping. I LOVE online shopping ^_^
My package came in the mail from BonjourHK. It's like SaSa in Hong Kong but most of their prices online are cheaper =] but the major downside to shopping with BonjourHK is that free shipping only applies if you spend over $200 US!! So usually I wait for the products I need to accumulate so I can get free shipping. I hate shipping costs =(
I got all this. I needed new SK-II facial treatment essence and I was running out but didn't want to pay local price...I think for the 215mL in Australia it is over $200AUD!! But on Bonjour it was $US103. The Australian dollar is currently strong and almost matches the US so buying online and buying in bulk is cheaper =] SaSa was a bit more expensive but now it's on sale for $US96!! FML...oh well they don't stock the limited edition My Beauty Diary masks or Shu Uemura lash curlers.

Clockwise from left: HadaLabo Tamagohada cleanser, HadaLabo Gokujyun cleanser, Shu Uemura Lash Curlers, SK-II facial treatment essence and Kose Cosmagic Blusher in 02 Peach Pink

New My beauty Diary Masks!! =]
Top Row: Platinum + Pearl Lift Stretch Mask, French White Lily Mask, Vienna Black Tulip Mask, Formosa White Phalaennopis Mask
Bottom Row: Gold + Marine Collagen Mask, Peruvian Sunflower Mask, Japanese Hydrangea Mask

The flower My Beauty Diary Masks are Limited Edition released to celebrate the Taipei International Flora Expo. 

Will have more info and reviews on future posts ^_~


  1. what? there're fake shu uemura eyelash curler!? I really like the new my beauty diary masks! they've improved so much!

  2. no. the ones I have are real. But I bought one on ebay to see the difference.

  3. what's the difference between the old and new my beauty diary masks? and How is the service of bonjourhk? I want to buy there as well, but don't know if they are thrustworthy. How long did it take till it was at your place? (shipping time)

  4. There's so much I want on that site. But I'm so afraid on making a big order then pay huge taxes in my country ;A:

    Did they mark it as gift when you received? =u=

  5. no they didn't
    but they've reduced the free postage quota =]

  6. what happens if they don't mark it as a "gift" do you have to pay extra?

  7. depends on country. for australia there is no tax. but they marked as gift for me =]