Sunday, October 24, 2010

my face for friend's engagement

First Face of the Day =] only 'cause it's for a friend's engagement. So this is my attempted look. Sorry if photo is in the way and I didn't get too much time to get ready =(
Sana Soya Milk Nameraka Honpo Make Up Base
Lancome Regenerie Lift Foundation in 10 (I think it's either lifting porcelain or lifting clair but more likely clair as I don't think I'm that white - stole this from my mum =P)
Missha The Style Light Tocuh Concealer in Natural Beige
Jill Stuart Smooth Silk Powder Foundation in 202 Ivory
Jill Stuart Mix Blush in 09 Little Bouquet

Canmake Eyeshadow Base
Canmake Gradation Wink in Strawberry Tart
Dolly Wink Liquid Liner in Black
False Eyelashes - got it from markets so not too sure of brand
FreshLook single use contacts in Pure Hazel - these are soooo much more comfy than the Geo lenses but they are only single use, therefore more expensive =(

Canmake Melty Nude Lipstick in 03 Baby Pink
Candy Doll Lip Gloss in Candy Pink - the little one with the spatula tip

Canmake Gradation Wink Review

Canmake released some new eyeshadows not long ago called Gradation Wink. It's meant to be really easy to use simply by dragging your finger across it and transferring it to your lids. They have a pearly iridescent finish with glitter added. There are 4 palettes to choose from. 
I stole this off the english Canmake Site =P
Apply in an instant using your fingertips, making it simple to create natural-looking eye make-up with a subtle graduation of shade ☆

A combination of three must-have shades for the perfect color gradation!
Just by applying the three shades as they are, you can achieve a perfectly well-defined gaze with depth!
● High-color: Creates a shade the same color as it appears in the palette with just one application ☆
The moist powder containing squalane (moisturizing agent) clings to your lids, making the color last longer! It won’t dull, either!
● Sheen & lamé: Features a soft texture like satin, pearl particles for luster and twinkling lamé particles. For an elegant, beautiful finish ☆

I got 2 of the palettes. The left is Strawberry Tart and the right is Chocolate Millefeuille.
Strawberry Tart

Chocolate Millefeuille

These palettes are really nice and the colour pay-off is not too bold - so it's wearble. However, it has too much glitter for my liking so it would be a suitable palette for night time use - that's just my preference. But the colours can be used individually as well which makes these palettes very practical. the centre colours are very good to use by themselves. 

When I swiped these on my eyelid the line colour which is the bottom one doesn't show up too much - maybe that might just be my eyelid but a small eyeshadow brush can be used to correct this. 

Pros: Good pigmentation
smooth and blendable
easy to use
convienent packaging

Cons: hard to get outside asia
too much glitter
needs extra layering to achieve darker colours if you use just a single finger swipe
the line colour is hard to apply if you use the swipe method

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Canmake Haul and some Japanese Magazines

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Today I went to the airport to pick my friend up who went to Japan...EPIC-EST FAIL! I was a tad late but he didn't wait =( also he had no phone and my phone battery eventually died. So for over 2 hours I drove around and walked around the airport searching for him...then I gave up and rushed home. I charged my phone and immediately called his home...phew...he got home safe...POINT...make sure things are well organised and be prepared for "what ifs" when you go pick up a friend from the airport when their phone is broken T_T

But anyways...he got me lots of Canmake goodies ^_^ and 2 of my favourite magazines...ViVi and CanCam!! CanCam is my style...very soft and elegant fashion. I love the make-up in both ViVi and CanCam because they aren't as over the top as Ranzuki and Popteen. But he got me Popteen too...just that he was over the weight limit and needed to post it. 
November Issue of ViVi came with free Snidel bag. Its black faux fur with a golden chain.
November Issue of CanCam came with Anteprima Misto B5 sized bag...not too sure what to use it for.
All the make up I chose are from Canmake

 Lycee Eye Drops and Lycee Eye Wash. My eyes are always irritated ='(
Also got some super cute Hello Kitty stationery (^-^)v
Left to Right: Lip Concealer in 01, Nudy Glow Lip Glosses in 02 Strawberry Whip/06 Peach Milk/05 Honey Latte, Melty Nude Lipsticks in 03 Baby Pink/02 Creamy Nude/01 Baby Beige
GOKUBUTO mascara, Cream Cheek in 07 Coral Orange, I also asked for 08 Marshmallow Pink but it SOLD OUT =(
 Canmake Eyeshadow Base
"NEW" Gradation Wink in 02 Chocolate Millefeuille (top colour) and 03 Strawberry Tart

Will Do a Review on it soon! I'm so excited to experiment and I have an engagement soon ^_^

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

First Jill Stuart Blush and My Beauty Diary Blotting Paper

Today I got my first Jill Stuart Blush, Yays!! ^_^ I know they have been out for a while but I think I'll do a little review. I got colour 09 Little Bouquet. Looks like a coral-ish colour to me. The packaging is just lovely - I'm a packaging sucker =P

I got mine for $41 USD from Cosme-De. Normally they are $46 there but I took the $5 registration offer. Also shipping on any order is free!! Also I got the My Beauty Diary Oil Control Diary (facial blotting paper) for free as my purchase was over $30USD. Also the Australian Dollar is really strong now =] so all up my order was $41USD or $42AUD which is a heaps good price as NARS blushes here are roughly $65AUD. 
Simply love the embossed light pink box
Very Princess-y
Coral-ly Peachy Pinky?
The top left shade has fine silver shimmers
I love the semi-matte-ish finish
Swatches - from top left hand corner, anti-clockwise on my skin (sorry if swatched badly - have yet to master this)
Swatches - from top left hand corner, anti-clockwise on tissue

I really love this blush, I can use it without the top left hand corner colour to achieve a matte finish. 
Pros:The smell is just lovely 
cute packaging  ^_~
good pigmentation
detachable blush brush
blush brush is soft

Cons: Expensive
Not really much product - smaller than I expected
Hard to test outside of Japan, Hong Kong, Korea
Prices vary so much depending on where you get it from
I want more! Lol

I Also got the My Beauty Diary Oil Control Diary/Facial Absorbent Paper for free with my order =]
So Cute - Looks like a real diary
Very Handy - However I think this is a bit too big for my preference.

Hope everyone is doing fine
I have a friend coming back from Japan and I asked him to get me a whole tonne of Canmake stuff =] Can't wait to try them all. Yay! =D

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse Hair Dye

Today I felt like dying my hair. I bought the Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse Hair Dye in Chocolate Brown. I think this is the first mousse hair dye on the western market. I know in Japan there is 2 brands that make mousse hair dye. I paid $13AUD for this...the store I went to had a introductory promotion, normally it should be around $16-18
Sorry...image won't upload properly =(

It's a pump pack...So just add the colour gel (black bottle) to the large developing bottle and invert (DON'T SHAKE)
Pump out some product onto gloved hands
Distribute into hair and Repeat
This is my hair before the dye. I haven't dyed my hair in over a year so my roots are really long. eww. lol. So I've included my tips in the picture - I use to always have a light brown coppery colour to my hair. But it killed my hair =(

Thick moussey hair

Hair After - My ends have darkened. So I'm quite disappointed with the end colour results. Definitely not close to the pack colour

Pros: Easy to distribute through the hair
The conditioner that comes with it is good for 2 or 3 uses - depending on hair length
Also the conditioner is quite good - moisturised my hair and smelt pleasant
Easy to find - most pharmacies and supermarkets
No Ammonia

Cons: Did not come out like box colour
Limited colour selction

I don't think I'd re-purchase
I think in 2 weeks I'll re-dye my hair but with professional products because I already have the mixing bowl 

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Birthday Month Giveaway! - OVER

Hi all!
October is the month of my birthday and boyfriend. So I'm feeling a bit generous. I'm having a little giveaway =]

What you will get:
1 x Nail File
1 x China Glaze Nail Polish in Love Letters - works a nice base or over coat for french manicures
2 x Hair Velcro
My Beauty Diary Masks - Apple Polyphenol, Pearl Powder and Japanese Cherry Blossom (my fav)
beautymate eye patches - Bright eyes, collagen smooth and Q10
2 x Missha Cleansing oil samples (good for new users - it's a great makeup remover and gentle as well)
1 x Nose pore patch

* 1 entry - Must be a Follower
* 2 extra entries for making a blog post (Use any images to link)
* 2 extra entries for having a side link bar on your blog about this giveaway
* 1 extra entry for commenting - with links to your blog and what you entered

Will hold this contest up until mid november (that's when uni finishes for me)
Think that's about it ^_^
Good luck =]
xoxo Shan

Monday, October 11, 2010

Shiseido Perfect Whip Foam Cleanser Review

I finished my old cleanser (Pond's Cleanser) about 2 weeks ago. A while ago my friend from Japan sent me   some stuff but I didn't want to use them straight away because I don't like having too many products half used which makes them less fresh. So today I'm reviewing the cleanser I got from her. She also sent me the cleansing oil from the same line but I've already got a cleansing oil that's only been a quarter used so far (kracie olive cleansing oil - so good, gets rid off stubborn mascara). Anyways onto the review ^_^
Can't read Japanese =( but from the image I think it means that it breaks down into tiny bubbles that goes deep down into pores making them extra clean =]
Nice thick creamy texture. Skin feels clean yet moisturised after. My old cleanser made my face squeaky clean but it was a bit over drying 

Directions: Squeeze a pea size amount onto fingers and work into a lather on face
Rinse well

Pros: Thick texture - easy to work with
Lathers well
Face feels moisturised after use

Cons: Hard to get, I've seen it on Bonjour but they are sold out

On another note...It's by boyfriend's birthday =]
I got him Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue for Men and some boxers =P This is one of my most favourite men's fragrance, nice citrus based scent. I usually use citrus kinds of fragrance myself or fruity floral. Also the female version of this scent is very very nice as well.

What's your favourite men's fragrance?

Friday, October 8, 2010

Agent Lavender

How is everyone?
So many assignments in past week. Wished I'd started sooner.
Haven't done a Nail of the Day in a while so here is a nice soft lavender colour.
China Glaze Agent Lavender

Monday, October 4, 2010

BeautyMate Bright Up Nano Eye Mask Review & upcoming mini giveaway =]

I finally finished my Law assignment =D I stayed up for 24 hours doing this monster. After this I'm gonna treat myself to a face mask because my skin has become fatigued. Red Bull has made my skin oily and porous =( Currently I'm using My Beauty Diary yoghurt mask ... it smells so good =]
Room is soooo messy
On to the review...
A while ago when I was doing one of my hauls I got some eye masks and plenty of My Beauty Diary masks in the haul. This is the first time I've tried this mask so I'm going to do a little review on this =]
I got this for about $6-7 dollars so it's not too expensive. Each box contains 7 eye patches.
BeautyMate Bright Up Nano Eye Mask
On the pack of the box: Japanese Nano Technology - The newly imported nano technology, combined with close-fitting mask cutting, can effectively release essence nutrients into skin cells to bring you a unique sin care experience.
Research has shown that Vitamin B3 can interfere the transmission of melanin up to the dermal cells, thus help to minimise dark circles and signs of tiredness. Yeast extract also helps to prevent the formation of dark circles and improve skin texture. Algae extract can enhance blood circulation and stimulate metabolism, keep your eyes healthy and energetic, bright and fresh.

Claims: Enhances blood circulaiton, whitening, moisturising
This is my under eye area before application, some dark shadows and lines.
There is plenty of essence on the eye sheet. On application it felt quite soothing but after a bit my skin felt some irritation. Maybe that' just me =/
After the application for 20 minutes. Notice how my eyes are a bit brighter. None of the photos has been retouched =]

Pros: Lots of essence 
not too expensive

Cons: Hard to get, check out BonjourHK. that's where I got mine from
stung a bit

Also tomorrow is my birthday =] Having Korean BBQ...YUM!!
Also be sure to check back soon as I'm gonna do a mini birthday giveaway =] 

Sunday, October 3, 2010

SANA Soya Milk Nameraka Honpo Make Up Base Review

Today I've trialled primer for the first time and I'm quite pleased with this purchase.
It has hygienic packaging and can be stored upside down so that there is no product wastage =]
As Implied it didn't have a scent and has no mineral oil =]

Pros: Application was very smooth and lasted for over half the day
Face felt like I had no make up on which is a bonus
SPF 19+
No added fragrance
Does not clog pores

Cons: Hard to get besides online at SaSa, so far that's the only place I know

Have you guys tried any good Japanese primer?