Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Canmake Nudy Glow Lipgloss Swatches

Hey all! Hope the Christmas rush hasn't been too unpleasant for everyone. I have a review on one of the Canmake lip glosses I got ages ago. Sorry I haven't been doing lots of reviews lately =( 
I'm reviewing the Canmake Nudy Glow gloss in 06 peach milk. This one gives off a very nude hue with a very glossy result. Absolutely love this shade. 
 Bare Lips
 Above: With Flash
 Above: Without Flash indoors
 Above: I have the Canmake Lip Concealer on in the lightest shade

 Above: Lip concealer and the lip gloss on top (indoor without flash) 
 Above: Lip concealer and the lip gloss on top with flash

Pros: Nice opaque finish
Decent Moisturisation
Nice Nude result
Good Price
Good Quality

Cons: Hard to get
Can have a streaky finish if not applied neatly
Not too much a fan of the brush applicator wand. I reckon sponge tips are better
Lips need to be well exfoliated for a good result

Overall I reckon this is a good product given it's price. I think it's 600 yen so would be roughly $7~8 which is good price for lip gloss in Australia....Dior and Chanel glosses are $45 to $50 AUD here!! =(

On another note I would recommend Rimmel's Vinyl Gloss...they are great quality for the price with good opaque finish with a better applicator and finish, however, it's not as long lasting as the Canmake lip gloss.

Also watched Megamind in 3D today =]
It's pretty good. Would recommend to take little cousins out for a school holiday treat 

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