Tuesday, January 17, 2012

First ASOS purchase

I've always been a browser of ASOS. Only until recently I've decided to make an order. I've been previously put off by ASOS because the the items my sister receive were of really poor quality. I only caved in when I saw a vintage style luggage that was on sale. The best thing about ASOS is FREE shipping! Also no minimum order amount!

I've always wanted one of these. Not a big fan of the exterior colour but the styling was what I wanted and I could not argue with $68 shipped (it was on sale, 50% off). 

I'm going on a small domestic trip with my group of girls soon, hence I bought the suitcase. We are heading up to the Gold Coast. Time to escape from unpredictable Sydney weather and welcome beautiful sunny Gold Coast weather. I bought a swim suit from ASOS as well. I needed a bikini that offers better support than my current one. 


In real life this is much darker. It's a beautiful deep magenta hue. Quality wise, it's good and both are currently 50% off. You can buy them separately which is the best thing because every body is different.

Large selection
Free shipping
No minimum purchase
Many methods of payment
Sizing guidelines
Easy to navigate site
Quick shipping

Can't try on
Can be time consuming if you are just browsing
Waiting for shipping
Sometimes some things are expensive

I would definitely continue shopping at ASOS. 

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Got this long ago but only decided to use it now

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Some Snaps of Hong Kong

Just a follow on post from my previous post. However, this time it's about Hong Kong. Hong Kong really burns a massive hole in your wallet. No Sales Tax and excellent exchange rate makes everything irresistible to buy. I stayed at Regal Kowloon Hotel. It's situated in Tsim Sha Tsui where the majority of the major 5 star hotels are.
Hotel (not the best shot but was my only shot)
Elevator floor
Hotel Bathroom
Very spacious ( I think I got upgraded to 2 queen size beds =] )
After only one hour of shopping on Granville Road
This was Canton Road. I was in Handbag Heaven!!

Main Street Corner Cafe
Love the decor 

In front of the parade
I was so fortunate they opened Toy Story Land =]
Will be back next time for Grizzly Gulch

Sorry for the belated post. Just been caught up by Christmas and New Year. Hong Kong, I will definitely be back 

Have a wonderful New Year everyone!
I have a lot of New Years Resolutions