Monday, November 29, 2010

Rhinestoned mirror

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Anyways today I was a bit bored so I blinged an old mirror I had that was kinda yellowing. 
I bought the Swarovski flat back crystals in SS16 in clear a few months ago but didn't really have anything I wanted to bling...or really I had a lack of ideas. Anyways I decided to incorporate some old earrings I had into it. One of the earrings was already broken so I broke the other 2. I got them at the beginning of this year at one of the Hong Kong markets. 
So here is the result of my first attempt at blinging. I also used a flat faux pearl in the shape of a heart because I just had enough lucky. I used an epoxy glue for this. It's the ones you mix together. I mixed a little bit every time I went along because I didn't want the batch of glue to dry up. 

I'm loving because Swarovski crystals are so shinny and they don't scratch or lose much lustre.

Have you guys blinged anything old before to revamp it?


  1. VERY nice little project you took on there! Turned out kawaii =]

  2. Very beautiful! Those are quite lovely!

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  3. It turned out so cute! Nice redo.

  4. that is sooo gorgeous!!^^
    awesome jobXD
    also, ii gave you a blog award(:

    -Love, Maki

  5. What a creative idea! You did a really good job.