Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Kose Cosmagic Sweet Deco Cheek, Peach Pink Review

Kose's Cosmagic Sweet Deco Cheek has been heavily featured in popular Gyaru magazine Popteen. 

I got mine from my BonjourHK haul. I chose 02 Peach Pink but there is 01 Strawberry Pink available as well. 

Comes with blush, lid, brush and novel feathery applicator which I think is kinda useless as it doesn't really pick up the blush well.

There are instructions that come with the packaging on the different ways to apply the blush.

The heart shaped template is attached to the packaging which needs to be cut off. Took me a while to locate it -_-"

The heart is a creme blush, the bottom two colours are powdered blush. The lightest pink is a good highlighter. 
  • To apply the creme blush simply use fingertips to melt the blush and pat it along the cheeks
  • Then begin to evenly spread out onto cheek bones
  • Use the darker pink powder to seal in the creme blush and apply it around the cheeks to create dimension
  • Highlight nose and upper cheek area 
The lid is quite thick adding unnecessary bulk and weight to your handbag if you carry it around, otherwise it's super cute and girly and makes it look like a crystal

Swatches on paper
Left to right: Creme blush (love heart), dark pink powder, light pink powder (highlighter)

Swatched on arm
Left to right: Creme blush (love heart), dark pink powder, light pink powder (highlighter)

This is what it looks like on me. On camera the colours are kinda washed out, it looks a bit pinker in person. However, this blush definitely gives you the cute pink cheeks that most gyaru gals have. 

In my honest opinion this blush is kinda hard and awkward to apply. The blush brush supplied is rubbish. I used a normal blusher brush to apply the powder and it's hard to pick up the individual colours. Also the highlighter powder is much much easier to pick up and usually gets swiped along the way when aiming for the darker pink blush powder. The creme blush doesn't melt too easily on the finger tips. 

I don't think I would re-purchase this as there are many other blushes on the market around the same price but much easier to apply. Canmake creme blush is definitely better than the creme blush in this one and is a third of the price of this. 

Good pigmentation
Gives nice pink blushy cheeks
The lightest pink colour is a very good highlighter
Achieves the Gyaru look

 Hard and awkward to apply
Hard to get outside of Asia
So many varied prices online
Bulky if carrying around in makeup pouch
The brushes supplied aren't good
Creme blush not too fantastic