Thursday, December 22, 2011

Philippines 2011

A few weeks ago I went to the Philippines to visit my boyfriend's family. He lives around East Samar. I had a 10 hour flight from Sydney to Manila with a stop over in Darwin. Followed by 4 hours of waiting to fly domestically from Manila to Tacloban. After Tacloban I took a 4 hour van ride from the airport to his home town. By the end of all this travelling I feel that next time I travel, I should not try to squeeze everything into one day just to get to my destination. The waiting and constant sitting takes a toll on the body. 
Some houses I saw whilst on the road

Church and a mode of 'taxi'

On a bridge crossing an island to another island

My accommodation, I'm familiar with sleeping on hard surfaces because my mattress at home is extremely firm and my bed back in China is those traditional wooden 4 poster beds with curtains surrounding it. 

Lagoon 2 minutes away from my boyfriend's Philippines home, the lagoon was so beautiful and the water was very warm. Just past the lagoon is the Pacific Ocean. 

The little 'huts' are for visitors to hire and have lunch etc.

Overall the non-city areas of the Philippines has a lot to offer. The air is clear and the coastal views are fantastic, however there is not much to do except swim and eat and time can go quite slow if you have no family or friends to talk to. In Manila (I did not take much pictures) the traffic is congested but the malls are HUGE!!! I've been to big shopping centres in Australia and they do not compare to the average malls in Manila. The ones in Australia are so much smaller than Manila. A store I really liked was called "Kamiseta," Katie Holmes models for them and the price for the quality of clothing is very good.  

Food wise, there is so many different fast food restaurants in the Philippines and it's so cheap! I can get a decent meal for only $2 AUD. However, shopping is not as cheap as Hong Kong. Also I did visit some luxury designer stores and they were more expensive than Australia, the service in those stores were also appalling! =( 

Has anyone been to the Philippines? Do you know of any other areas I should visit next time I go...(I will probably visit Borocay next time I go)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Update and Haul

A week ago I went to the Philippines and Hong Kong. Christmas in these Asian countries just feel more like Christmas because of the ways they decorate their shopping centres and tourist attractions. I will break my trip into several posts just to keep the posts short and sweet. For the first post about my holidays I will do a beauty haul. I got everything from SaSa, Bonjour or Colourmix. These are all beauty stockists in Hong Kong with products arranging from drug store brands to high end brands. I found that some SaSas will stock a certain brand while some others didn't.
I got mix of nail polish, a Kiss Me eyelash serum, Shiseido Tsubaki hair treatment waters (really love using theses), mixed eyeliners, Kanebo KATE eyeshadow palettes, hair masks from Kao ESSENTIAL, mascara, BB cream, MAC lipstick (in Russian Red and Creme D Nude), Majolica Majorca Puff de Cheek in the orange shade, sunscreen, a box of My Beauty Diary face masks and a ZA two way face palette. Just stocking up on my favourite items and trying some new items that I can't get/overpriced online or not available in Australia.

The Hello Kitty nail polish is recommended for gradient nails and the Marcia and sasatinnie polish were 2 for $10 HKD.

I love the ESSENTIAL hair masks, I'm using the orange packaged one now but I prefer the Nuance Airy line. I use Tsubaki water to maintain the moisture levels in my hair. 

KATE palettes, the pigmentation in these are really good! I will do a detailed review on these soon and for some other product I've bought. 

Hope everyone is beating the Christmas rush and buying their presents early! Mine is all bought and wrapped. Hate finding car park space during these times. 

Monday, November 28, 2011


Almost heading to the philippines and hong kong :) just running a few errands before I head out.

Bought two large luggages for my mum. It just fits in my MINI. Had to put seats down. Also bought 10kg of milk powder for family overseas.

Got my watched fixed. Great warranty service from Swarovski. No questions asked. Just the way I like it.

Was just going to buy blush for mum. Blush was $10. For $5 more I got this pack which includes mascara, nail polish and lipstick! Score :)

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It's not just a bag, it's PRADA

PRADA saffiano lux tote in fuoco. I've had so many compliments on this baby :)

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Growing List

In 2 weeks I'll be heading to the Philippines and Hong Kong. I want to take advantage of the strong dollar and stock up on some things that have been in my mind. The list is only going to grow, much to the dismay of my bank account and bf...

NARS Turkish Delight
NARS Orgasm Blush

NARS is double the price in Australia compared to the US, yet we are on par =(

MAC Russian Red Lipstick

MAC Creme D Nude Lipstick

MAC is around $35 here yet $14.50 in the US

Does anyone know any good shopping destinations in Hong Kong?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

How I clean my brushes

Lately I've been getting little lumps on my skin with the increased routine of wearing make-up. I use to never wear makeup much but feel the need to now that I'm getting older and the tone of my skin isn't as good as it use to be =(

I think a contributing factor to the lumps of my skin is my lack of routine in cleaning my brushes. Brushes should be cleaned once a week to get rid of bacteria and remove excess makeup.

I use to use the technique that Michelle Phan uses (YouTube beauty guru) where she uses olive oil and dishwashing detergent. Running low on dishwashing detergent so I decided to use baby shampoo.

This one works really well.

What to do:
1. Rinse brush with luke warm water
2. Squeeze pea size amount of baby shampoo onto palm
3. Swirl brush into palm, collecting the shampoo
3. Rinse and repeat until the suds of the shampoo turn white, meaning that all the gunk has been washed out the brush

Hope this was helpful. Baby shampoo is an inexpensive way to wash your makeup brushes

I put my cleaned brushes on a rolled up towel with the bristles facing down so the excess water drains out. Got this idea of BeautyQQ 


In December I'm heading over to the Philippines and Hong Kong =]

I'm Planning to get this Bag
Does anyone know how much it costs in Pesos or HK Dollars? Much Appreciated

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

EOFY findings

I haul clothes twice a year. One at the End of Financial Year Sales (which covers my winter wardrobe) and the other is the after Christmas Sales (which covers the summer wardrobe). I always watch out for 50% or more off. If I want something I will wait for it to go on sale. I'm like this because I don't feel like I need to pay full price to follow trends because fashion changes quickly. Don't you get angry when you pay full price for something only to find it on sale over half price off the next?!

This year I admit I have gone a bit overboard on the spending =S Thanks to the strong Australian dollar and there are so many good bargains out there.
I bought a 3 pack of the cutest Peter Alexander underwear for $19. Was $39. I love Peter Alexander! His lingerie always come in the cutest, most innovative packaging. 
I also bought a whole tonne of other under garments because I haven't bought any in over a year! Best find was a brand name bra (Lovable) that usually retails for $49.95 at the department stores for $5!! X3 and it wasn't tried on =]

Top Row: Glasson's Merino Wool Top (half price), Glasson's navy blue and white striped top (half price), Cotton On striped Jumper ($10, was $29.95), Cotton On striped top ($10, was $20), Glasson's Red and white striped top (half price)
Bottom Row: Glasson's pants ($17.50 was $59.95), Nobody Jeans which is an Australian premium denim brand (normally RRP of $199 and above, got one for $58 and the other for $50ish), Glasson's black leggings/tights (2 for $25), Cotton On navy blue skirt ($5, was $29.95)

You can tell this year is all about the stripes and I bought a lot!

Peter Alexander cardigans!!
The first one has two cute pink bows on the pockets and one at the back ($20 was $79.95 i think)
Second cardigan is a blend of angora, cashmere and other wool with metallic threading to give it some extra character, the buttons are large shiny 'diamonds'  (I think I got this at 60% off)
Last cardigan has cute flower buttons with Swarovski crystals in the flower centre ($49, think it was 30% off...not too sure)
Love the Tag!! Peter Alexander is an Australian Sleepwear brand which has branched out into lingerie, bath products, mens and kids sleepwear and sometimes day wear for women. The quality of his products is high and it's one of my favourite brands which I frequent into, my fellow Australian residents would know how lavishly decorated the stores are with vanilla scented candles usually lit up =]

How is everyone else's shopping expenditures? Any great finds?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dove Foaming Makeup Remover Review

I first saw Dove Foaming Makeup Remover in the October 2009 issue of ViVi magazine. It was a detailed advertorial which explained how the product works and how to use it. Although I can't read Japanese =( I could understand the Ad from all the pictures. I love that in Japanese mags there are always detailed step by step explanations of things.
I had no idea how to get my hands on this product as I thought it was a Japan exclusive item, so I forgot about it. However, the other day on my lunch break I was browsing through Priceline (Aussie drug and makeup store) and stumbled upon the yellow bottle (Can't believe they have it in Australia!!), it's quite hard to miss considering the majority of the Dove range is white with blue accents. I bought it because Priceline had 20% off all Dove products, also I'm running out of my Lancome Bi-facil makeup remover and sometimes I dislike using cleansing oil especially at the end of a long night out because I always cleanse after I use cleaning oil. Too tired!! >.< 

 I researched the product further and found this on the Dove website 
Alarmingly, nearly 75% of women will sleep with their make up on at least once this week, even though most of us know it’s bad for our skin. The reason? It’s a hassle to remove and we can’t be bothered. As a result, we suffer through rough skin, stinging eyes and even make-up stains on our pillows.

What makes this product unique is that the yellow liquid transform into a light fine foam when you pump it out (possibly from the pump mechanism - I've seen this kind of idea before in the Clean and Clear foaming facial). The foam makes it easy to spread the product all over the face and dissolve makeup. It claims to remove waterproof mascara and other heavy makeup easily. 

How to Use:
1. Pump 3 pumps of the product onto hand
2. Apply to wet or dry face and work the lather in circular motions (same procedure as cleansing the face)
3. Work the product over closed eyes gently
4. Rinse off
5. For Best results (according to Dove) after removing makeup with the foaming makeup remover, wash face with Dove Beauty Moisture facial cleanser. I used my everyday cleanser instead but this step can be skipped.

It's better if you use the product with dry hands and dry face. 

I really like this remover! =) It's easy to use and quick. Really good when you've just arrived home from a long night out and can't be bother to spend a lot of time removing makeup. Also you don't need to use cotton pads! It removed my BB cream easily and my skin was squeaky clean. However, I had to spend more time trying to remove my mascara. Also it didn't leave my skin overly dry. Overall it's a great product and I think I would repurchased =]

Easy to use
Don't have to spend too much time trying to remove eye makeup and face makeup 
Affordable (Got mine for $8.79 AUD, RRP is around $10)
Easy to find (Priceline and most chemists/drug stores would stock Dove products)

Need to spend more time trying to remove mascara

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Shideido Aquair Deep Moist Review

A while ago I got the Shiseido Deep Moist Hair Treatment Lotion and Deep Moist Hair Moisturising Essence because I ran out of my Yanagiya Tsubaki Spray. I have damaged hair which lacks a lot of moisture at the ends because I colour mine a lot, up to 7 lifts!

Browsing SaSa as I usually do I came across these two hair treatment sprays. I like hair treatment sprays because they are convenient and quick to use.

AQUAIR Deep Moist Hair Treatment Lotion

Here is what it says on SaSa
Shiseido AQUAIR Deep Moist Hair Treatment Lotion deeply permeates the centre of hair and the damaged cuticles for an immediate moisturization and repair. It solves the problem of disheveled, dry hair. Hair becomes smooth, shiny and easy to comb.
With a clear floral scent, it keeps hair isolated from unpleasant smells such as the smell of cigarette.

how to use it
  1. Use before going out or when you feel hair is dry.
  2. Hold container 5 – 10 cm from hair and spray by pressing down the handle until the hair is fully moisturized.
  3. Comb with hands or a comb.
  • 【Glycerin】softens and hydrates.
  • 【Sodium Glutamate】conditions hair.
  • 【Arginine】hydrates.

This one is best used during the day when your are preparing to go out as it works as a detangler. The scent is typical of most hair care products but only a little bit sweeter. When I spray on wet hair and let it naturally dry I do get a little bit of extra volume in my hair. It's also has a large spray area and is able to cover the majority of my head of hair with only a few sprays. I wouldn't say it really repairs the hair as I don't think it's concentrated enough. I've been using this for a while and comparing it to the Yanagiya Prexceed Tsubaki Spray this product isn't as good as it. 

Moisturises Hair
Detangles Hair
Smooths Hair
Nice Scent
Large Spray Area

Hard to find
Doesn't repair hair

Overall Rating 3/5

AQUAIR Deep Moist Hair Moisturising Essence

Here is what it says on SaSa
Shiseido AQUAIR Deep Moist Hair Moisturizing Essence concentrates on repairing hair with opened cuticles overnight. Moisturizing micro particles deeply permeate dry areas, leaving hair watery, shiny and smooth. The hair will be elastic and lustrous again in the next morning.
With a clear floral scent, it keeps hair isolated from unpleasant smells such as the smell of cigarette. 

how to use it

  1. Wash and towel-dry hair.
  2. Centering on dry hair with opened cuticles, spray an appropriate amount over hair (8 – 10 pumps for hair of medium length or long hair).
  3. Comb hair for even permeating.
  4. Recommended to use before sleep.
  • 【Glycerin】softens and hydrates.
  • 【Hydrogenated Castor Oil】hydrates and moisturizes.
  • 【Sodium Glutamate】conditions hair.
I use this one during the night time before I sleep. I has a smeller spray area compared to the Hair Treatment Lotion so you can concentrate on areas that you want. This one is more moisturising than than the Treatment lotion because my hair is more elastic when I check individual strands. I'm still a fan of my Yanagiya Tsubaki Spray and compare this to it. It doesn't perform as well but it'll have to do for now as SaSa doesn't have it in stock anymore =(

Moisturises Hair
Makes Hair Silkier in the morning
Scent is not overpowering

Hard to find 

Overall Rating 3.5/5

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hello Kitty X Swarovski

I'm so excited. I'm a massive fan of Swarovski Jewellery and Hello Kitty. Swarovski and Hello Kitty have combined to create super cute jewellery pieces.

Her official release will be around the end of July I believe.

Here are the pieces that will be available:

this one reminds me of my mickey mouse robot pendant - I had eyed it for the longest time ever and then it went on sale =] (good thing not many people in Australia are die hard mickey fans, compared to Asia)

Ahh!! Sooooo Cute!! X3
I want the all the jewellery pieces. I think in the end I'll just settle with the triple ring set...depending on how much it will all cost...or wait till it goes on sale at the very end of the year. It's not really a need.

What do you guys think of the collection? Which one will you get?

Friday, June 24, 2011

Over Haul

Hey lovelies.
I've been hauling like crazy!! Wallet is not happy with me. I online shop when I'm retail therapy =]

Here's what I got so far...

Top Row: Hair products from Shiseido, Shampoo and Conditioner, and hair moisture essence and treatment sprays. Tsubaki Spray on the end. Will do a review on some the hair treatment sprays as a got those a couple of weeks ago.
Lower rows: I caved in and bought some dolly winks and Ardell lashes, I got dolly wink pure little and sweet girly...these lashes are huge! and long! The Ardell lashes, I've tried some and they're great, very light weight. Also stocked up on Vitacreme B12 (got them for $9 each!!) Got SK-II Facial Treatment Repair-C (it's a concentrated version of the facial treatment essence. Love!), Crabtree and Evelyn Lavender Room Spray, Yanagiya Apricot Hair Oil and Tsubaki shampoos and conditioners.
I got these all from SaSa and Bonjour. The Ardell lashes are from eBay.

Did a nail polish haul after I finished all my exams.
L-R: Nail polish thinner, Kose Pure mild enamel remover, Missha The Style nail polish remover, China glaze nail polises and OPI P17 "Stranger Tides" from the Pirates of the Caribbean series, Seche Vite (really really good!! wished I'd discovered it sooner), Rimmel Matte Finish topcoat and Rimmel 60seconds polish in Grey Matter.
I love pastel coloured nail polishes.

Now I've finished exams I'll be able to blog more properly and do some reviews...I'm back =]
Hope everyone enjoys the weekend and take care.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Simple pink and white NOTD

Sportsgirl Nail IT polish in Ballerina
OPI polish in Alpine Snow.
Nails are a bit uneven because I'm lacking some good vitamins in my diet. Also from stressing a lot about exams. Should get better soon when I'm free!!! =]

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

CanCam July 2011

CanCam is one of my favourite Japanese magazines to look through. It's targeted at college/university ladies. My Japanese friend sends me CanCam magazines and I usually get friends who visit Japan to pick me up a copy. The looks are more wearable, very cute and lady like. Most of the makeup look is neutral and would suit everybody because everything is very subtle and elegant.

I love their 10 days of different looks with select items of clothing

Make up and nails