Monday, November 29, 2010

Rhinestoned mirror

Sorry for the lack of posts. I will extend my giveaway until mid-december =] Right after I come back from my little holiday with some friends in Melbourne. So ENTER HERE for any new guests ^_~ might throw in a MYSTERY GIFT...considering it's almost christmas 

Anyways today I was a bit bored so I blinged an old mirror I had that was kinda yellowing. 
I bought the Swarovski flat back crystals in SS16 in clear a few months ago but didn't really have anything I wanted to bling...or really I had a lack of ideas. Anyways I decided to incorporate some old earrings I had into it. One of the earrings was already broken so I broke the other 2. I got them at the beginning of this year at one of the Hong Kong markets. 
So here is the result of my first attempt at blinging. I also used a flat faux pearl in the shape of a heart because I just had enough lucky. I used an epoxy glue for this. It's the ones you mix together. I mixed a little bit every time I went along because I didn't want the batch of glue to dry up. 

I'm loving because Swarovski crystals are so shinny and they don't scratch or lose much lustre.

Have you guys blinged anything old before to revamp it?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Something different - A little shopping haul

Hello, it's been a while since I've blogged. I've just finished all my exams. So scary =(

This post is non-beauty related. The other day I decided to go shopping with a friend since she was heading overseas for 3 months. Here's what I got:
Bought things from Kikki.K and T2
I love stationery especially cute ones and tea, especially english breakfast.

Also bought a pair of Australia thongs for my friend in Japan, I've just sent it to her for her birthday

From Kikki.K I got the cute diary pack. It's going to be my new diary for 2011. Trying to be more organised and it's much easier when your diary is super cute ^_~

Every week the border has a different design, You can colour in your mood and the weather of the day.

From T2 I got a tea stack and something like an instant blend. Just wished they weren't so expensive. It's the packaging that gets you, so nice, modern and simple. 

English Breakfast, Sencha (green tea) and Lemongrass and Ginger. Inside these are pyramid tea bags.

Turkish Apple and Cinnamon. I tried this in store and it was so nice and refreshing =]
It's great as an ice tea, summer soon in Australia so I'm gonna be drinking plenty of this.

Has anyone tried any other flavours from T2?

Monday, November 8, 2010

Canmake Melty Nude Lipstick Swatches

Today I'm depressed =( I studied so hard for my exams but I think I failed, hence my absence from blogspot. But... I'm posting today to cheer me up a bit =]

Awhile ago I took 'swatches' for the Canmake Melty Nude lipsticks. This is what they look on me (sorry I have a bit of baby hairs on my upper lip...didn't have foundation I don't have photoshop to blur it =P. lol)
Bare Lips
Baby Pink
Creamy Nude
Baby Beige

Realistically Baby Beige is lighter than creamy nude.

Pro: Nice Colours
Slight Moisturisation

Cons: Actual lipstick came out of the packaging =(
Hard to get outside of Asia

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Some handmade jewellery

It's been a internet had been acting up and I'm currently studying for my final exams for the semester. Just doing a little post as an intermission =]

Last week my order came for some beads I had ordered. So I made my friend's birthday present and a little card to go with it.
Pendant I made for friend using Swarovski crystal and sterling silver holder and chain.

Made this for myself. Swarovski pearl beads with sterling silver toggle.

Will be available for more posts when exams are over. So stressful. Don't think I'm remembering anything :s