Wednesday, September 1, 2010

haul from sasa

I love SaSa. I first discovered the stores when I was holidaying in Hong Kong at the beginning of this year. Usually when I'm in Hong Kong I go to Watsons which is a like a chemist/beauty store but they don't have an online store. SaSa stocks many well known brands from around the world including premium ones  but at discount prices ^_^

My Package came yesterday. Usually I wait until there is a list of things I want so that I can save on postage. Everything is well wrapped in bubble wrap with those peanut foams as padding. Here is what I got: (Clockwise) Christian Dior make up palette, the whole ESSENTIAL damage care hair care range, Yanagiya Prexeed Hair Tsubaki Hair Lotion, Saya 9-Day Extra Lash Tonic, Cettua Trouble Clear Patch, random gift with purchases.

Christian Dior make up palette. 
This was on sale =] I don't owe much eyeshadows so I bought this because of the number of colours you get and it has a blush, pressed powder, mascara and lipstick. A very convenient set. Will do a review when I need to use it ^_^

ESSENTIAL damage care
this hair care range is good for coloured and damaged hair. I've read a lot of good reviews on it and got the whole collection because I'm very conscious about the inner health of my hair. 

Rich Premier is mean for manageability of hair and Nuance Airy is for volume

So far I haven't used up my shampoo and conditioner but will do a review once I've tried them. I've also bought the treatment and the hair masks as extra treatment for my hair. 

ESSENTIAL damage hair treatment

ESSENTIAL damage care hair masks

Yanagiya Prexceed Tsubaki Hair Lotion
Tsubaki is camellia oil used to treat hair and make is shiny and healthy. This product is meant to help repair damaged hair from blow drying and brushing and make the hair soft, shiny, smooth and radiant.

Haven't used it for long but it smells quite nice.

Some products you purchase comes with a gift and usually when you checkout SaSa lets you choose 2 free gifts. I got breast cream. lol. seabed soil pack (face mask), eyelash curler and a coin purse.

Cettua Trouble Clear Patch. 
I bought this for my boyfriend because he always breaks out in big pimples. They are clear little circle patches. You stick these on our pimple and leave it over night. In the morning you peel it off and the white of the pimple and the pimple head should be removed. 

My Review: 10/10 - it really works because I did have one pimple near my mouth the other day and it got rid of it =]

SAYA 9 days Extra Lash Tonic
There are quite a fair bit of eyelash treatments on the market now but they are all so expensive :(
This one had a promotion and it was buy 2 for around $40. I know it's still kinda a bit pricey but I have teeny tiny lashes. The reviews on the site were really good and the majority of people who bought it said it strengthened their lashes or made them thicker.

Right now I'm trialling it and will do a review on it when I've used it for 9 days.

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  1. Hows Sasa for shipping? I've contemplated in trying it out.