Monday, September 6, 2010

smoother nose

I purchased this random product a couple of months ago and only just opened it now to use. It claims to heat up your nose and remove the white and black heads. Be warned…you will see ugly pics of my nose >.<

SANA Pore Vacuumer

The tube is a foil tube. The actual product looks like cement and seems to have the consistency of cement. It has a fine gritty texture so I think thats how the whiteheads are scrubbed away. From application I can kinda see the white heads getting 'vacuumed' out =]


  1. Wash Face with a mild cleanser and rinse
  2. Apply a small amount on fingertips and apply to nose
  3. Spread product around nose paying extra attention to the side nostrils
  4. Wash of with luke warm water
Rating: 4/5
My Nose felt really smooth after I used it. I think maybe this product should be used ONCE a week. we should not overdo our skin with excessive products.



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