Thursday, September 30, 2010

Another SaSa Haul. lol

I should really stop looking at the SaSa site. Been drooling over the vast catalogue of products. But when I was browsing they had re-stocked Jill Stuart mix blushes (been lusting after these for a while and SaSa has them for around $43.00) But when my package arrived they did not pack it   ='(  instead they packed me the Smooth Silk foundation in Ivory 202. I don't want to open it just incase it's not my shade. I have really light skin with warm and cool undertones =S

SANA Soya Milk Nameraka Nonpo Make Up Base
I think this is a primer. I've never used primer before so this would be my first one. Just starting out so don't want to spend too much and I usually trust Japanese brands for their quality. Around $9 =]
SANA Soya Milk Arbutin Toner
Needed a new toner so I'm just trying this out. It contains arbutin which is a whitening/brightening ingredient. It's going to be spring in Australia which means more sun and I tan easily. So I'm using some whitening products to maintain the colour of my skin.
Naris Up Wink Up Lasting Gel Liner
This is my first gel eyeliner. I'm just using this one first because it has a good price to it ($9.50) before I consider buying MAC or Bobbi Brown.
Koji Eye Talk
This is a double eyelid glue. I already have double eyelids but they aren't as visible as caucasian eyelids. However I'm gonna use this as eyelash glue =] Much cheaper than conventional eyelash glue because there is more product and it was only $6.50. It also has a brush tip applicator which makes applying the glue on the band fuss free and mess free =]
This is my gift with purchase. It's a headphone wire manager. It's soooo cute and practical =]

take care everyone and will do a review soon on my hauled products 

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  1. lovely haul from Sasa! arghh cant believe they gave you the wrong item... tat would irk me. I hope they will exchange what you want!