Wednesday, September 8, 2010

anniversary, shopping haul and a giveaway I'm entering

Hello! How is everyone?
A week or so ago I had my anniversary with my boyfriend. We spent the day shopping and having lunch. Just something relaxed and not too hectic. Japanese was the menu =] yum!! We went to a place called "pepper lunch" close to Town Hall station in the city. They serve the food on hot plates and it's sizzling when it arrives on your table. I've walked passed this place for many years but never went in.

I chose the Waygu beef because I've never had proper Waygu beef before. It was very tender and delicious. Not much seasoning needs to go into this meat to make it very delicious. 

Boyfriend chose Salmon and Chicken. Very very nice =] The chicken is fully cooked before it arrives to you because chicken has to be well done or you'll get food poisoning =(

The bad thing about this place is that it gives you so many bean sprouts, needs more beans instead. But overall I think I'd rate it a 3/5

For our anniversary he got me a Gucci tote ^_^ I know they are very expensive but I never got a 21st birthday present from him, or several months worth of anniversary gifts. So it kinda makes up for it. I think it's worth it because I'd use it everyday for uni and it fits my laptop. 

On to shopping...I'm kinda a cheapo when it comes to clothes. Don't normally follow trends and usually wait for sales (I'm a Sales hunter and love a good bargain ^_^). Handbags are different because I'm obsessed with them…

So here's what I hauled for clothes last month:

Sportsgirl cropped jumper (got it for half price AUD$40)
I bought it in the Large size because I wanted it to go down to my hips and be very loose and baggy. If you buy it in your normal size it should go down to our waist and be more fitted. 

Chica Booti grey and pink polka dot top (on sale for AUD$9.99)

Chica Booti Grey Shirt (was $24.99, got it for AUD$9.99)

Gotta Love Sales ^_^

Currently I'm entering this competition for a blog I follow. It's a 100+ followers giveaway. I think if I achieve a certain follower mark I'll do a giveaway aswell =]

She is so pretty… =]


  1. Congrats on your anniversary! How long have you been with your boyfriend? Those dishes look delicious and all the clothes are just adorable! (My favorite is the skirt!) That tote is awesome as well! If you'd like to, please check out my blog and suscribe/follow? :3

  2. we've been together for about a year and a half =]

    thanks for being my followers