Friday, October 15, 2010

Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse Hair Dye

Today I felt like dying my hair. I bought the Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse Hair Dye in Chocolate Brown. I think this is the first mousse hair dye on the western market. I know in Japan there is 2 brands that make mousse hair dye. I paid $13AUD for this...the store I went to had a introductory promotion, normally it should be around $16-18
Sorry...image won't upload properly =(

It's a pump pack...So just add the colour gel (black bottle) to the large developing bottle and invert (DON'T SHAKE)
Pump out some product onto gloved hands
Distribute into hair and Repeat
This is my hair before the dye. I haven't dyed my hair in over a year so my roots are really long. eww. lol. So I've included my tips in the picture - I use to always have a light brown coppery colour to my hair. But it killed my hair =(

Thick moussey hair

Hair After - My ends have darkened. So I'm quite disappointed with the end colour results. Definitely not close to the pack colour

Pros: Easy to distribute through the hair
The conditioner that comes with it is good for 2 or 3 uses - depending on hair length
Also the conditioner is quite good - moisturised my hair and smelt pleasant
Easy to find - most pharmacies and supermarkets
No Ammonia

Cons: Did not come out like box colour
Limited colour selction

I don't think I'd re-purchase
I think in 2 weeks I'll re-dye my hair but with professional products because I already have the mixing bowl 

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  1. used the same product a few days ago and got the same result~ :(( i was quite disappointed coz i was expecting a more vibrant brown color.. it even darkened the highlights that i had my hair came back to plain black colour.. an epic fail for my first try dyeing at home.. i want to dye my hair again soon but dunno what hair colouring product to use.. what would you recommend? coz my hair is still a newbie on dyeing with hair colourants and i'm afraid that some products may damage my hair..

  2. l'oreal ain't too far off on their package colours. If you don't want to damage your hair try not to dye it too frequently and give it good breaks in between dyes. Also I use hair treatments/mask 3 times a week. Also a good healthy diet rich in omega 3, lean protein and iron should maintain your hair health from the inside.

    if you want good colour results try consulting a hairdresser or go to a hair supply store and the sales assistant might help you out on professional hair dye - you'll need the brush and mixing bowl for this but the results are usually very good. Avoid 12%/40vol peroxide as the developer...

    hair dye is trial and error for me...i've had orange hair before =S

  3. i just saw an add for this hair colour and it looked to me like it was marketed at grey hair coverage. Maybe thats why it didnt work so well.
    I wasnt paying that much attention to the ad though

  4. The pictures on box color aren't usually the actual color inside. The number by the name of your color started with a 4. That is used to show how light or dark the color is on a scale of 1 to ten (with 1 being black). Beware of trying to re-color at home for a lghter result. If this is truly a permanent color you wont be able to lift it with another permanent color, but your regrowth will get lighter.

  5. It seems like dark brown or black-brown...but i like it color :)

  6. the most shitty hair dye iv ever used. result were completely different to the box, my hair is dry and continually snaps off. i do not recommend this product.

  7. I agree with the above comment, WORST home dye ever, and I use them frequently. I have very long, dark brown hair and dye it black. My hair feels like straw, I thought it was all going to fall out, it felt so bad, and still feels awful 3 days and several conditioning treatments later. Oh and the mousse is much messier than creme dyes, it floats and flies everywhere.

  8. ppl say it's easy to apply and that's less messy, i disagree. i had the mousse all over the place.. and the weirdest part, it began to itch... and that has never ever happened before.... also, i've got several colors in my hair now... it's not even :s my hair is so freakin dark.... i went for the chocolate brown and got some weird purple/brown color (had some kind of chocolate before dying)................................ but my hair is not damaged, i think xD will color my hair in a couple of weeks again... shame on schwarzkopf...