Sunday, October 24, 2010

Canmake Gradation Wink Review

Canmake released some new eyeshadows not long ago called Gradation Wink. It's meant to be really easy to use simply by dragging your finger across it and transferring it to your lids. They have a pearly iridescent finish with glitter added. There are 4 palettes to choose from. 
I stole this off the english Canmake Site =P
Apply in an instant using your fingertips, making it simple to create natural-looking eye make-up with a subtle graduation of shade ☆

A combination of three must-have shades for the perfect color gradation!
Just by applying the three shades as they are, you can achieve a perfectly well-defined gaze with depth!
● High-color: Creates a shade the same color as it appears in the palette with just one application ☆
The moist powder containing squalane (moisturizing agent) clings to your lids, making the color last longer! It won’t dull, either!
● Sheen & lamé: Features a soft texture like satin, pearl particles for luster and twinkling lamé particles. For an elegant, beautiful finish ☆

I got 2 of the palettes. The left is Strawberry Tart and the right is Chocolate Millefeuille.
Strawberry Tart

Chocolate Millefeuille

These palettes are really nice and the colour pay-off is not too bold - so it's wearble. However, it has too much glitter for my liking so it would be a suitable palette for night time use - that's just my preference. But the colours can be used individually as well which makes these palettes very practical. the centre colours are very good to use by themselves. 

When I swiped these on my eyelid the line colour which is the bottom one doesn't show up too much - maybe that might just be my eyelid but a small eyeshadow brush can be used to correct this. 

Pros: Good pigmentation
smooth and blendable
easy to use
convienent packaging

Cons: hard to get outside asia
too much glitter
needs extra layering to achieve darker colours if you use just a single finger swipe
the line colour is hard to apply if you use the swipe method

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