Thursday, October 21, 2010

Canmake Haul and some Japanese Magazines

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Today I went to the airport to pick my friend up who went to Japan...EPIC-EST FAIL! I was a tad late but he didn't wait =( also he had no phone and my phone battery eventually died. So for over 2 hours I drove around and walked around the airport searching for him...then I gave up and rushed home. I charged my phone and immediately called his home...phew...he got home safe...POINT...make sure things are well organised and be prepared for "what ifs" when you go pick up a friend from the airport when their phone is broken T_T

But anyways...he got me lots of Canmake goodies ^_^ and 2 of my favourite magazines...ViVi and CanCam!! CanCam is my style...very soft and elegant fashion. I love the make-up in both ViVi and CanCam because they aren't as over the top as Ranzuki and Popteen. But he got me Popteen too...just that he was over the weight limit and needed to post it. 
November Issue of ViVi came with free Snidel bag. Its black faux fur with a golden chain.
November Issue of CanCam came with Anteprima Misto B5 sized bag...not too sure what to use it for.
All the make up I chose are from Canmake

 Lycee Eye Drops and Lycee Eye Wash. My eyes are always irritated ='(
Also got some super cute Hello Kitty stationery (^-^)v
Left to Right: Lip Concealer in 01, Nudy Glow Lip Glosses in 02 Strawberry Whip/06 Peach Milk/05 Honey Latte, Melty Nude Lipsticks in 03 Baby Pink/02 Creamy Nude/01 Baby Beige
GOKUBUTO mascara, Cream Cheek in 07 Coral Orange, I also asked for 08 Marshmallow Pink but it SOLD OUT =(
 Canmake Eyeshadow Base
"NEW" Gradation Wink in 02 Chocolate Millefeuille (top colour) and 03 Strawberry Tart

Will Do a Review on it soon! I'm so excited to experiment and I have an engagement soon ^_^


  1. Such nice goodies to play with! Your friend is really nice to pick up these things for you =)

  2. Super nice blog! Can't wait to hear about your opinions on those products!! :D WInnie