Tuesday, October 19, 2010

First Jill Stuart Blush and My Beauty Diary Blotting Paper

Today I got my first Jill Stuart Blush, Yays!! ^_^ I know they have been out for a while but I think I'll do a little review. I got colour 09 Little Bouquet. Looks like a coral-ish colour to me. The packaging is just lovely - I'm a packaging sucker =P

I got mine for $41 USD from Cosme-De. Normally they are $46 there but I took the $5 registration offer. Also shipping on any order is free!! Also I got the My Beauty Diary Oil Control Diary (facial blotting paper) for free as my purchase was over $30USD. Also the Australian Dollar is really strong now =] so all up my order was $41USD or $42AUD which is a heaps good price as NARS blushes here are roughly $65AUD. 
Simply love the embossed light pink box
Very Princess-y
Coral-ly Peachy Pinky?
The top left shade has fine silver shimmers
I love the semi-matte-ish finish
Swatches - from top left hand corner, anti-clockwise on my skin (sorry if swatched badly - have yet to master this)
Swatches - from top left hand corner, anti-clockwise on tissue

I really love this blush, I can use it without the top left hand corner colour to achieve a matte finish. 
Pros:The smell is just lovely 
cute packaging  ^_~
good pigmentation
detachable blush brush
blush brush is soft

Cons: Expensive
Not really much product - smaller than I expected
Hard to test outside of Japan, Hong Kong, Korea
Prices vary so much depending on where you get it from
I want more! Lol

I Also got the My Beauty Diary Oil Control Diary/Facial Absorbent Paper for free with my order =]
So Cute - Looks like a real diary
Very Handy - However I think this is a bit too big for my preference.

Hope everyone is doing fine
I have a friend coming back from Japan and I asked him to get me a whole tonne of Canmake stuff =] Can't wait to try them all. Yay! =D

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  1. Oh how lovely! I'm a total blush fan but I haven't gotten a JS one ^^