Friday, September 7, 2012

Nail Polish Haul and some Sportsgirl nail polish swatches

Just a minor nail polish haul. This is what I got over the past 5 months. 

L-R: Sportsgirl NAIL IT! in Blossom, Belle Vista and Peachy Keen, CHANEL Gold Shimmer, Oroton mini nail set, ulta3 red glitter and Rimmel Aye, Aye Sailor. 

I'm unsure of the colour names of the Oroton set because I bought it in June at the factory outlets. The pink one is a bubblegum pink with tiny gold shimmers and the silver is a shiny matte shimmer...does that make sense? The clear one is a top coat. 

I've been buying more Sportsgirl nail polishes recently. It's an Australian fashion brand much like the UK's topshop. Personally I think the nail polish quality is great for the price and I usually don't put a top coat because they don't really need it. They apply smoothly and don't chip as quick, unlike some OPI ones I've had. 

Over the years the packaging has changed. They originally had black lids (the pink and sky blue one), but switched to the cylindrical bottles then back to the standard polish bottle but with silver lids. All the cylindrical ones are my sister's. 

This is my collection so far. 

Some swatches of my the most recent purchases. These are still available in store. 
L-R: Blossom, Peachy Keen and Belle Vista. Blossom and Peachy Keen are a bit darker than the swatch pictures in real life but the Belle Vista is true to colour. It has fine glitter and reminds me of clear blue skies. 

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