Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Review/Swatches: BOURJOIS PARIS Little Round Pots of Parisian Charm

I was browsing my local Priceline and stumbled upon this set individual eyeshadows by BOURJOIS. Individually they are $20 but all 3 was $25.

All these eyeshadows are mineral eyeshadows with a pearlescent finish. The set comes in a chocolate brown (74),  champagne beige (08) and pearly white (90). Each can be used individually or combined together to do a nice nude look. The colours in set son't have chunky glitter which I like. I especially like the white eyeshadow as it can be used as a highlighter. These are so smooth, blendable and well pigmented. 

Swatches on each finger
L-R: 74, 08, 90.

Blended out

Blended out but more and on my paler arm

Each pot has a lot of product

More expensive compared to other drug store products
Bulky container
Weird placement of applicator


  1. I have 08 in my collection but it doesnt really show off on my eyelids :(
    the applicator and packaging is strange, as if they are keeping the original packaging from 30s' lol

  2. wow 3 for $25 is a steal! i was browing bourjois today but everything was quite expensive. i ended up buying the healthy mix foundation in order to get the free gift when you spend over $25 haha

  3. love the pearly shadows!!! and wow - great pick up for $25 for three!