Friday, April 29, 2011

new handbag =]

Hey ladies! I'm so excited! a few days ago was my boyfriend's and I 2 year anniversary!

We didn't do too much, just a casual lunch and very low key dinner. No fancy restaurants or anything =]

but he got me what i'd been wanting in ages! A Louis Vuitton handbag and wallet! YAY


  1. Awww your boyfriend is so sweet :D :D :D

  2. its fake bag? the lv is not perfectly symmetrical and lv logo is never cut at the seams in real ones....

  3. the bag is real. i went to the lv store in the city to buy it. i checked online before hand and double checked that the pattern was the same as the online photo. i would not buy a second hand fake bag because thats just throwing my money in the bin
    also if you look carefully on the bag the lv is not cut at the seams, its one of the patterns thats cut

  4. Cool :) Thats very sweet of him! I have that bag also, got mine from Paris with my boyfriend but he didnt pay for it!!!