Sunday, April 24, 2011

Bronzed disco NOTD

Hello lovelies. I picked up 2 new nail polishes from covergirl.

Disco dazzle is a nice chunky glitttery top coat which I love!!! Excellent for giving your nails an extra bit of creativity by putting it on the tips. Bronzed beauty is a very fine glittery gold and bronze and extremely easy to put on. It's excellent when you make mistakes because it doesn't really show =]

I did a nail of the day with these two combos and really like it. Great for a party look because it's so shimmery.

2 coats of bronze beauty on the bottom and 2 coats of disco dazzle on the tips only.

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  1. i love glitters especially on my nails! :D
    BTW, nice blog. I followed you :)
    Kat -