Monday, August 13, 2012

MAC haul from target - update

I have some good news for my fellow Aussie beauty junkies. Target now has MAC make up at comparable prices to America. These were released last Thursday, 9th August. I managed to pick up some items before they were all snatched up.
L-R: Eyeshadow in Rule ($19), Studio Fix Powder Foundation in NC20 ($29.95), Sheertone Blush in Pink Swoon and Breath of Plum ($24 each). 

Not too long ago I made a post about MAC being available at Target. However, it has come to my attention that these products may be slightly different to the ones available at MAC counters. Initially when I brought these home, I did a quick swatch of each product and they were a bit chalky and not very pigmented. I've not bought MAC powder based makeup before, only lipsticks from their counters while holidaying overseas, therefore it would be hard to compare with their legitimate counterparts. However, compared to my NARS blush, the quality of the MAC from Target is no where near my NARS blush. I'll be returning the blushes and eyeshadow but not the foundation because I lost the receipt for that transaction. Usually I do my research before buying but I guess the prices and the fact that it was stocked in Target, a large 'trustworthy' company, got me too excited. 

Just wanted to thank Denise for alerting and confirming my suspicions =)

Products were confirmed fake. Lucky I've refunded mine.


  1. I purchased some and eventually returned them back to Target :S I wrote a blog post expressing my skepticism lol

  2. wow that seems strange that it would be available at target ._. i'll have to see at my local target