Thursday, August 16, 2012

PLAY Comme des Garçons knitwear guide

Winter is almost over in Australia but the weather is still chilly and unpredictable in Sydney. A jacket or thick cardigan is essential for those unpredictable days. What has been staples in my winter wardrobe are my PLAY Comme des Garçons cardigans. They are 100% wool, made in Japan  and in my opinion will always be in fashion because they are so simple, suit many trends, unisex and so versatile.

I first noticed this brand on a shirt that NEYO was wearing on a YouTube video (I usually notice weird little details). Initially I didn't know the brand but on a holiday shopping in Hong Kong I stumbled upon a pop up store because I had noticed the logo.

I wanted more of these cardigans but there was no store in Sydney that I knew that stocked this brand. Hence I started to search on eBay. However, on eBay there are so many fakes of this brand selling at only $30! Which is way below their recommended retail price. I did manage to acquire more of these cardigans through reference with the one I already owned and through communication with the seller. I'm posting a general guide to authenticating PLAY knitwear. For reference my cardigans are all crew neck.

Crew necks have 6 button holes and 7 buttons (1 is spare)

The spare button is attached to the care instruction tag. The tag would have a stamp in kanji. Also attached is spare thread

Buttons are mother of pearl and NOT plastic

Care instructions in English and French. Dry Clean Only.

Warning and more care instructions. The wool is thick and the quality of the fabric is noticeable. 

The underside of where the buttons and buttonholes are placed have a cross grain ribbon lining.

Hope this helps for those who are planning on getting some knitwear online. Make sure you ask for plenty of photos from the seller. For me these cardigans are worth every cent because I've worn them so many times.

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  1. They look so soft and comfortable! It's amazing what gets faked these days - pretty much anything it seems. I really like the heart with the eyes :)