Wednesday, May 23, 2012

DIY adventures

Not too long ago I rekindled my love affair with craft, specifically jewellery making. I've been into arts and craft since I was around 8. It all started with sewing, then card making, then badge making. In my high school years I did textiles and I got more into sewing accessories, embroidering, quilting and handbag making. Then came the scrap booking trend, I was really into that one. I still have a tonne of supplies left. Towards the end of high school and into University years I was into jewellery making and graphic design. After a while my interest just died down. I kind of lost inspiration.

I'm a bit late on this trend, stacking bracelets, otherwise known as arm party/candy/sway has rekindled my love for making my own bracelets and jewellery. Since I already have plenty of left over materials from my previous phase, I decided to make what I could of my own bracelets so I can have an arm party!
Dusted off the dust of my supply box - from IKEA and painted in red and a tiffany blue colour

I've been having a difficult time sourcing chunky chains. My supply store doesn't really have a good selection of chunky chains and the online Australian store have small chains, something I already have plenty of. 

I searched my room for what I could recycle.
Top gold chain was the only chunky chain at the supply store, second one is an old belt chain that I only ever wore once 5 years ago, third chain is from a handbag I bought on impulse (it turned out to be faulty), last chain is a necklace that I found at Sportsgirl. 

I really dislike the thread so I undid it. I've been trying to find this type of chunky chain by the metre. Also looking out for large gold flat curb chains.
These are the bracelets I've made so far from my existing supplies. The fourth one is the necklace that I've shortened into a bracelet. Also found the gold cuff at my supply store for half the price a costume jewellery store would sell for. I really need to hone my skills, they look a bit rusty. Also need to stock up on embroidery thread to make my chains colourful...they all look a bit blah.

Any one else into the arm party/candy/sway trend?
Anyone know any Australian suppliers of chunky chains?


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