Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy Australia Day!

Happy Australia Day to my fellow Aussies =]
Today was super duper hot!!! 
It was also my anniversary with my bf. Was only minor but he got me the Chanel sunglasses I had been eyeing for ages =D

I love love bows, so these sunnies are totally me and they actually suit me. Hard to find sunnies that suit my round head. Would probably wear these for the next five years cause I'm a girl who likes to stick to my key items.

Will try to come up with more interesting posts. Sorry nothing beauty related. Come to think of it I have not tried the My Beauty Diary masks that goes around the ears. Will hopefully try them soon and do a review =]
Take Care everyone!


  1. Can I have a day off and celebrate Australian Day too, even though I live in London lol.
    I love the sunglasses! So cute with the bows

  2. I love those glasses!! I love bows too!!


  3. Those Chanel sunglasses look gorgeous. How very sweet of your bf ^^v

  4. Happy Australia day to you too!