Thursday, April 19, 2012

Random eBay purchases

Good day everyone ^.^ Today I got home and received a couple of packages. I recently bought some random stuff off eBay, I usually do this when I'm bored. 

Bought a beret for the winter months approaching. Was only $2.99 shipped! It has a bit of factory smell to it. Quality is pretty good for $2.99. 

Wine Red Wig. This was only $14.99 shipped. It does look a bit fake but not extremely which is alright for $14.99. There a good amount of 'hair' on it as well. 

I got a new iphone cover. My old one was cracking at the edges from dropping my phone so many time. Cases really do save iphones from getting a cracked screen. It's so cute! Has "HELLO KITTY" logo at the back. $3.60 shipped. 

Does anyone else get random things from eBay? What do you like to get?


  1. I LOVE the hello kitty case!! I debated if I wanted and iphone and ended up with an android. Def not as cute phone cases out there!

  2. Ciao:) I like a lot your blog! Follow each other if you want,let me know,ciao!!Paolo

  3. I've always wanted to buy a wig from ebay cause they're relatively cheap but I know they quality won't be as good. It does look pretty ok in your picture tho! I'll probably give them a try soon. =D

    ♡ M.May

  4. ^.^ nice haul! I love to buy asian skin care products on ebay ^.^

  5. Ciao:) Thank you very much for your lovely comment!!You speak well italian:) Thank you for following me,I follow you back with great pleasure!!! See you soon,bacio dall'Italia:)Paolo