Tuesday, January 17, 2012

First ASOS purchase

I've always been a browser of ASOS. Only until recently I've decided to make an order. I've been previously put off by ASOS because the the items my sister receive were of really poor quality. I only caved in when I saw a vintage style luggage that was on sale. The best thing about ASOS is FREE shipping! Also no minimum order amount!

I've always wanted one of these. Not a big fan of the exterior colour but the styling was what I wanted and I could not argue with $68 shipped (it was on sale, 50% off). 

I'm going on a small domestic trip with my group of girls soon, hence I bought the suitcase. We are heading up to the Gold Coast. Time to escape from unpredictable Sydney weather and welcome beautiful sunny Gold Coast weather. I bought a swim suit from ASOS as well. I needed a bikini that offers better support than my current one. 


In real life this is much darker. It's a beautiful deep magenta hue. Quality wise, it's good and both are currently 50% off. You can buy them separately which is the best thing because every body is different.

Large selection
Free shipping
No minimum purchase
Many methods of payment
Sizing guidelines
Easy to navigate site
Quick shipping

Can't try on
Can be time consuming if you are just browsing
Waiting for shipping
Sometimes some things are expensive

I would definitely continue shopping at ASOS. 


  1. That suitcase is simply fabulous! And I love your blog posts!

  2. oh i like asos for shopping (:! also suitecase is gorgeous i love it!

    CMPang x

  3. the suitcase is adorable, haha there's such good sales on ASOS right now, but all the stuff I like they don't have my size anymore! I do love the antipation of receiving the package after waiting :D I guess thats the price you gotta pay for online shopping!

  4. That suitcase is SUPER adorable! :)

  5. looks like you ended up with some cute stuff! i've always wondered what kind of quality their stuff is like, but with free shipping, that's a huge bonus! cute blog you have! would love for you to check mine out if you get a chance, i'm a mommy with a makeup problem...http://www.jennysuemakeup.com

  6. Hi Shan! I've found your blog when looking for ASOS bikini reviews. I also need a moulded bra for a good support. Could you tell me if the one you chose is very "stiff" (some moulded bras are quite soft) and does it have any padding? If you could also tell what is the size of the bikini in your picture, I will be very grateful - I've read elsewhere that ASOS sizes are smaller than regular (but this one isn't ASOS). Best wishes!

    1. I couldn't wait and bought the bikini top. It seems regular size :)

    2. hi, the one i bought was 34C and fits true to size. the whole bikini top is like a contour bra but not as supportive. but it's decent support with the straps on. hope this helps

  7. Looove that suitcase, talk about vintage chic! Nice find :) xx


  8. Hi! The suitcase looks so tiny on their website and a lot larger in your pics.

    What size is it?

    1. Hello. I got the smaller one. It's big enough for an overnight trip but anything more than that you'd have to go bigger. I was too scared to get the larger one because I thought it would be too big as a carry on luggage.

  9. What are the dimensions of your suitcase?

    1. 17 inchec x 11.5 inches

      it's 6.5 inches deep