Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dolly Wink from Bonjour

A lot of people know about SaSa because of their great prices and decent international postage service. However, few know about Bonjour HK unless they live in Hong Kong or have travelled there. I found out about Bonjour a year ago while I was in Hong Kong and their prices are comparable or sometimes cheaper than SaSa. Later I figured out they had an online store like SaSa. I've shopped online at SaSa when they had free expedited shipping if you spent $150 and over, now they've reduced it to free registered shipping if you spend $75 and over. It's not a bad thing but I tend to visit the site more now =S

For Bonjour they had free expedited shipping if you spend $200 or more...which can be hard to rack up or pay $15 shipping fee. The best thing now is that they've reduced it to free shipping if you spend $99 or more or pay $5.20 shipping. Big improvement =] They also carry some items that SaSa doesn't have and usually (in my opinion) their prices are cheaper by 5% or more than SaSa. 

The thing I've noticed most about Bonjour is that they carry Dolly Wink now!! and Melliesh (SaSa doesn't). However, they are $14 USD, a tiny bit more dearer but if you haul other stuff it's definitely more worth it shopping there. Also another great thing that they've introduced this year besides the cheaper shipping is FREE shipping on some selected products.

They have Dolly Wink Pure Little for $14USD shipped free =] I'm just waiting for mine to arrive at my doorstep.

N.B. I'm not paid to blog this, just sharing a good secret of mine

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